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Family Therapy

Why Family Therapy?

When there is conflict {rupture} in family relationships, it often feels impossible to repair the connection.  When it seems like there is constant rupture, it can be hard to put the rupture aside and build/maintain connection—yet, this is the foundational piece to healthy relationships.  Having a safe space to confront the challenges through play (and sometimes conversation) can make a world of difference!

How can family play therapy sessions be helpful?

Often times children learn how to adapt and respond to life situations by watching and modeling the adults in their lives—even when we [adults] do not realize it.  It is very easy to become the thermometer instead of the thermostat.  Over time and through research we have learned that the language of children is play.  In my experience, what family play therapy sessions accomplish is

    • increased felt-safety in the relationship for everyone
    • more open communication
    • providing trusted caregivers insight into the child’s world
    • caregivers learning and practicing the art of ‘bringing the calm’ to situations