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In full disclosure, I LOVE trainings—both as an attendee and presenter!  I’m currently offering trainings related to incorporating Digital Play Therapy(TM) in clinical practice.

Supervision and Consultation

I often tell clients (and families) that no one in the family system lives in a bubble. The same can be said for clinicians. THIS is why I believe consultation and supervision is so important when being faced with difficult and/or unfamiliar situations–we all have those situations at some point, no matter our level of experience.

As a clinical supervisor for Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselors (PLPC), I want clinicians to feel confident AND know that seeking trusted consultation supervision only adds to your awesomeness–NOT take away from it!

As a Registered Play Therapist, I specialize in working with Neurodivergence, developmental and cognitive differences, trauma, attachment disruption and parent coaching-with a subspecialty in Digital Play Therapy (TM).

My hope, is that, through attending consultation sessions and/or trainings with me clinicians will feel…

  • Supported
  • Challenged
  • Empowered
  • Inspired

If you are in need of clinical supervision, and my specialties are your areas of interest or are a fully licensed clinician needing consultation, I would love to hear from you! 

Upcoming Trainings

Digital Tools: The Nuts and Bolts of Therapeutic Use (click for more information and registration)

Saturday September 10, 2022


Using digital tools in therapy is not new and will only be more standard over time.  Children, and even young adults, seeking services are digital natives, meaning digital tools are, and have been, a natural integral part of daily living for both current and future clients (Stone, 2020).  Additionally, digital tools have historically been used in a plethora of scenarios related to mental health treatment, i.e. cancer wards during treatment to help relieve anxiety symptoms (Griffiths, et al, 2017). 

Whether emotional or physical safety, consideration of this topic in the therapeutic process is ongoing. In both traditional and digital interventions, developing a level of comfort with the tools we are using creates a sense of safety for both the client and the therapist. This training will delve into discovering the therapeutic power and ethical parameters of incorporating digital tools into mental health practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain at least 2 Therapeutic Powers of Play in the therapeutic use of digital tools.
  • Identify at least 1 way to determine therapeutic value of digital tools.
  • Explore at least 2 types of digital tools that can be utilized in the therapeutic process.
  • Identify at least 2 ways safety can be maintained in therapeutic digital tool use.
  • Explain at least 2 components of a digital footprint in therapeutic digital tool use.
  • Explore at least 2 ways to assess for safety in therapeutic digital tool use.
Past trainings

August 19, 2022

  • Polyvagal Theory Applied: Therapeutic Use of Digital Tools in Play Therapy (6 Contact APT CEUs)

July 22, 2022

  • Digital Tools:  Embracing the Potential in Play Therapy (1.5 contact APT CEUs)

July 22, 2022

  • Digital Tools:  Creating Safety in the Playroom (1.5 contact APT and NBCC CEUs)

August 13, 2021

  • Digital Tools:  Embracing the Potential in Play Therapy 

February 13, 2021

  • Digital Tools:  Embracing the Potential in Play Therapy (3 CEUs)

January 9, 2021

  • Digital Tools: Incorporating a Digital Play Room In Your Play Therapy Practice (3 contact APT CEUs)

January 9, 2021

  • Digital Tools:  Embracing the Potential in Play Therapy (3 contact APT CEUs)
Supervision and Consultation Rates
  • Individual Consultation/Supervision:  $100/hour
  • Group Consultation/Supervision: $45/hour (requires at least 2 participants)

*Supervision and Consultation sessions are currently held via the HIPAA compliant Zoom platform.

**For consultation group continuity and cohesion, at least a 4 week commitment is required ($180/ 4 weeks).

***Please note that supervision services are for Master level pre-licensed clinicians working towards full licensure and consultation services are for fully licensed clinicians needing clinical support.  Consultation does NOT apply towards licensure supervision hour requirements.