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Treatment Philosophy

authentic, compassionate, and caring


We all have a story to our journey. Sometimes the journey is easy. Sometimes the journey is full of twists and turns that are difficult to navigate. Counseling is a way to explore the journey along-side someone. Taking the first step on the journey to health is often the most daunting, and you don’t have to walk it alone. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you and your family on your journey to hope and healing.

Role of Relationships in Therapy

Children learn how to interact with the world by watching the adults in his or her life. When one part of the system needs healing, the whole system is affected and needs support.

Role of Children in Therapy

We often hear adults say to children “Talk to me. Why are you upset? Use your words.” Well, they are: the language of children is play. That’s how they communicate what is going on in their world. This is why I am so passionate about play therapy. The toys become the words. We are providing them with the words when we allow them to play.

Role of the Therapist in Therapy

Much of my work with children and families is based on building upon the strengths of the relationship that are already present in order to facilitate growth and healing. In working with children, partnering with the parent(s) along side the child(ren) is imperative.